1. parking space a space where an automobile can be parked
  2. breathing space sufficient room for easy breathing or movement
  3. parking zone a space where an automobile can be parked
  4. parking brake a brake operated by hand
  5. Parkinson's a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system characterized by tremor and impaired muscular coordination
  6. subarachnoid space a space in the meninges beneath the arachnoid membrane and above the pia mater that contains the cerebrospinal fluid
  7. Progne subis large North American martin of which the male is blue-black
  8. living space space sought for occupation by a nation whose population is expanding
  9. lurking place a place suitable for lurking
  10. blank space a blank area
  11. packing case a large crate in which goods are packed for shipment or storage
  12. parking area a lot where cars are parked
  13. marlingspike a pointed iron hand tool that is used to separate strands of a rope or cable (as in splicing)
  14. parking ticket a ticket issued for parking in a restricted place
  15. pericardial space the space between the layers of the pericardium that contains fluid that lubricates the membrane surfaces and allows easy heart movement
  16. working papers a legal document giving information required for employment of certain people in certain countries
  17. breathing spell a short respite
  18. parking meter a coin-operated timer located next to a parking space
  19. laryngospasm a closure of the larynx that blocks the passage of air to the lungs
  20. parking lot a lot where cars are parked