A pamphlet is a little booklet with a soft (usually paper) cover that briefly addresses a particular subject of interest.

The word pamphlet comes from Pamphilet, from a Latin love poem that was popular in the 12th century. “Pamphilus,” the original Latin title, means “loved by all.” When the printing press came along in the 15th century, pamphlets became a good way to publicize your ideas — they were relatively cheap and you could print lots of them. They’re still used in political campaigns, and sometimes armies distribute pamphlets when they’re trying to communicate with people across a wide area.

Definitions of pamphlet

n a small book usually having a paper cover

booklet, brochure, folder, leaflet
blue book
a blue booklet used in universities for writing examinations
ticket book
a book of tickets that can be torn out and used
Type of:
a written work or composition that has been published (printed on pages bound together)

n a brief treatise on a subject of interest; published in the form of a booklet

Type of:
a formal exposition

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