1. palm tree any plant of the family Palmae having an unbranched trunk crowned by large pinnate or palmate leaves
  2. plum tree any of several trees producing edible oval fruit having a smooth skin and a single hard stone
  3. palmature an abnormality in which the fingers are webbed
  4. holm tree evergreen oak of southern Europe having leaves somewhat resembling those of holly; yields a hard wood
  5. palmate having three toes connected by a thin fold of skin
  6. elm tree any of various trees of the genus Ulmus: important timber or shade trees
  7. paltry contemptibly small in amount or size
  8. palmistry telling fortunes by lines on the palm of the hand
  9. bolometer an instrument that measures heat radiation
  10. palmister fortuneteller who predicts your future by the lines on your palms
  11. Panama tree large deciduous tree native to Panama and from which the country takes its name; having densely leafy crown and naked trunk
  12. plane tree any of several trees of the genus Platanus having thin pale bark that scales off in small plates and lobed leaves and ball-shaped heads of fruits
  13. flame tree showy tropical tree or shrub native to Madagascar
  14. parameter a constant in the equation of a curve that can be varied
  15. ilama tree tropical American tree grown in southern United States having a whitish pink-tinged fruit
  16. palmetto any of several low-growing palms with fan-shaped leaves
  17. palmately in a palmate manner
  18. palestra a public place in ancient Greece or Rome devoted to the training of wrestlers and other athletes
  19. palter be deliberately ambiguous or unclear in order to mislead
  20. palmitin an ester of glycerol and palmitic acid

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