1. public defender a lawyer who represents indigent defendants at public expense
  2. public speaker a person who delivers a speech or oration
  3. public exposure the opening of a subject to widespread discussion and debate
  4. public prosecutor a government official who conducts criminal prosecutions on behalf of the state
  5. public servant someone who holds a government position
  6. big spender one who spends lavishly and ostentatiously on entertainment
  7. public-spirited showing unselfish interest in the public welfare
  8. public easement any easement enjoyed by the public in general
  9. correspond take the place of or be parallel or equivalent to
  10. public transport conveyance for passengers or mail or freight
  11. public relations a promotion intended to create goodwill for a person or institution
  12. public executioner an official who inflicts capital punishment in pursuit of a warrant
  13. public opinion a belief or sentiment shared by most people
  14. black raspberry raspberry native to eastern North America having black thimble-shaped fruit
  15. correspondence an attribute of a shape or relation
  16. respect regard highly; think much of
  17. public nuisance a nuisance that unreasonably interferes with a right that is common to the general public
  18. public square an open area at the meeting of two or more streets
  19. public lecture a speech that is open to the public
  20. public debate the formal presentation of a stated proposition and the opposition to it (usually followed by a vote)