1. ignominy a state of dishonor
  2. originate in come from
  3. origination the act of starting something for the first time
  4. original sin a sin said to be inherited by all descendants of Adam
  5. Oregon pine lofty douglas fir of northwestern North America having short needles and egg-shaped cones
  6. ergonomic designed to maximize workers' comfort and efficiency
  7. origanum any of various fragrant aromatic herbs of the genus Origanum used as seasonings
  8. working man an employee who performs manual or industrial labor
  9. Argentina a republic in southern South America
  10. arginine a bitter tasting amino acid found in proteins and necessary for nutrition; its absence from the diet leads to a reduced production of spermatozoa
  11. ergonovine an alkaloid derived from ergot that is less toxic than ergot
  12. arraignment the act of calling someone before a court to be formally charged and to enter a plea
  13. Eriogonum allenii late blooming perennial plant of shale barrens of Virginia having flowers in flat-topped clusters
  14. workingman an employee who performs manual or industrial labor
  15. ergonomics the study of the relation of workers to their environments
  16. argentine any of various small silver-scaled salmon-like marine fishes
  17. ichneumon northern African mongoose
  18. Argentine of or relating to or characteristic of Argentina or its people
  19. organization a methodical and orderly manner or approach
  20. iron man a strong man of exceptional physical endurance