1. orange peel fungus a discomycete with bright orange cup-shaped or saucer-shaped fruiting bodies and pale orange exteriors
  2. ring rot fungus fungus causing soft watery rot in fruits and vegetables and rings of dry rot around roots of sweet potatoes
  3. urn fungus an urn-shaped discomycete with a nearly black interior
  4. orange peel the rind of an orange
  5. frangibleness quality of being easily damaged or destroyed
  6. bracket fungus a woody fungus that forms shelflike sporophores on tree trunks and wood structures
  7. orange liqueur liqueur flavored with orange
  8. coral fungus any of numerous fungi of the family Clavariaceae often brightly colored that grow in often intricately branched clusters like coral
  9. ring-stalked fungus genus of gill fungi with brown spores that is closely related to Agaricus; here placed in its own family Strophariaceae
  10. orange fleabane mat-forming herb of Turkestan with nearly double orange-yellow flowers
  11. tangible perceptible by the senses, especially the sense of touch
  12. orange pekoe a superior grade of black tea
  13. orange yellow a shade of yellow tinged with orange
  14. gill fungus a basidiomycete with gills
  15. unbelievingly in an incredulous manner
  16. orangeness orange color or pigment
  17. green smut fungus fungus causing green smut in rice
  18. unbelieving rejecting any belief in gods
  19. orange milkweed erect perennial of eastern and southern United States having showy orange flowers
  20. changeableness the quality of being changeable

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