1. or else in place of, or as an alternative to
  2. Oriolus type genus of the Oriolidae
  3. Arales Araceae; Lemnaceae
  4. wireless medium for communication
  5. Urals a mountain range in western Russia extending from the Arctic to the Caspian Sea; forms part of the traditional boundary between Europe and Asia
  6. arles money given by a buyer to a seller to bind a contract
  7. Aral Sea a lake to the east of the Caspian Sea lying between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan
  8. airless lacking fresh air
  9. earless lacking external ears
  10. Arilus a genus of Reduviidae
  11. oriole American songbird; male is black and orange or yellow
  12. Aurelius Emperor of Rome
  13. wordless expressed without speech
  14. oriel a projecting bay window corbeled or cantilevered out from a wall
  15. urease an enzyme that catalyzes the hydrolysis of urea into carbon dioxide and ammonia; is present in intestinal bacteria
  16. Orinase sulfonylurea
  17. morals motivation based on ideas of right and wrong
  18. artless simple and natural; without cunning or deceit
  19. journalese the style in which newspapers are written
  20. Orwell imaginative British writer concerned with social justice