1. on earth used with question words to convey surprise
  2. unearth recover through digging
  3. inert unable to move or resist motion
  4. one-eared having a single ear
  5. onward in a forward direction
  6. unheard not necessarily inaudible but not heard
  7. ignorant uneducated in general; lacking knowledge or sophistication
  8. inherit receive from a predecessor
  9. unwearied with unreduced energy
  10. unworthy lacking in value or merit
  11. inward directed or moving inward or toward a center
  12. unready not prepared or in a state of readiness
  13. anarchy a state of lawlessness and disorder
  14. unread not informed through reading
  15. unhurt not injured
  16. inherent existing as an essential constituent or characteristic
  17. earth the third planet from the sun
  18. open-hearth of or relating to or produced by the open-hearth process
  19. own right by title vested in yourself or by virtue of qualifications that you have achieved
  20. en route on a route to some place

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