1. old stager an experienced person who has been through many battles
  2. closet auger a snake used to unblock toilets
  3. oleaster any of several shrubs of the genus Elaeagnus having silver-white twigs and yellow flowers followed by olivelike fruits
  4. upstager a selfish actor who upstages the other actors
  5. elucidate make clear and comprehensible
  6. yellow cedar tall evergreen of the Pacific coast of North America often cultivated for ornament
  7. bill sticker someone who pastes up bills or placards on walls or billboards
  8. elastomer any of various elastic materials that resemble rubber
  9. ulster loose long overcoat of heavy fabric; usually belted
  10. Ulster a historic division of Ireland located in the northeastern part of the island; six of Ulster's nine counties are in Northern Ireland
  11. illustrator an artist who makes illustrations
  12. elastic capable of resuming shape after stretching or compression
  13. oral stage the first sexual and social stage of an infant's development
  14. willow aster a variety of aster
  15. blood agar a culture medium containing whole blood as the nutrient
  16. bialystoker flat crusty-bottomed onion roll
  17. cleistocarp closed spore-bearing structure of some fungi (especially Aspergillaceae and Erysiphaceae) from which spores are released only by decay or disintegration
  18. anomalistic year time of the earth's revolution from perihelion to perihelion again; 365 days and 6 hr and 13 min and 53.1 sec
  19. olive-tree agaric red luminescent mushroom of Europe
  20. Astacura crayfish