1. Indian club a bottle-shaped club used in exercises
  2. golden club aquatic plant of the southeastern United States having blue-green leaves and a spadix resembling a club covered with tiny yellow flowers
  3. Johan Kepler German astronomer who first stated laws of planetary motion
  4. handclap a clap of the hands to indicate approval
  5. Hunkpapa a member of the Siouan people who constituted a division of the Teton Sioux and who formerly lived in the western Dakotas; they were prominent in resisting the white encroachment into the northern Great Plains
  6. Alpine glacier a glacier that moves down from a high valley
  7. alpine gold low tufted plant having hairy stems each topped by a flower head with short narrow yellow rays; northwestern United States
  8. alkali bee a common solitary bee important for pollinating alfalfa in the western United States
  9. Alpinia galanga southeastern Asian perennial with aromatic roots
  10. Helen Keller United States lecturer and writer who was blind and deaf from the age of 19 months; Anne Sullivan taught her to read and write and speak; Helen Keller graduated from college and went on to champion the cause of blind and deaf people (1880-1968)
  11. Calvin Klein United States fashion designer noted for understated fashions (born in 1942)
  12. Ulmus glabra Eurasian elm often planted as a shade tree
  13. unclip remove the clip from
  14. Ilex glabra evergreen holly of eastern North America with oblong leathery leaves and small black berries
  15. willingly in an agreeable manner and without reluctance
  16. Wailing Wall a wall in Jerusalem
  17. John Keble English clergyman who founded the Oxford movement
  18. Annona glabra small evergreen tree of tropical America with edible fruit
  19. Melanie Klein United States psychoanalyst (born in Austria) who was the first to specialize in the psychoanalysis of small children (1882-1960)
  20. hang glide fly by means of a hang glider