1. office boy a young man who is employed to do odd jobs in a business office
  2. officious intrusive in a meddling or offensive manner
  3. auspicious indicating favorable circumstances and good luck
  4. efficiency skillfulness in avoiding wasted time and effort
  5. efficacy capacity or power to produce a desired result
  6. office block a building containing offices where work is done
  7. officialize make official
  8. officialese the style of writing characteristic of some government officials: formal and obscure
  9. officialise make official
  10. effaceable capable of being effaced
  11. efficacious giving the power to produce an intended result
  12. offsides illegally beyond a prescribed line or area or ahead of the ball or puck
  13. efficient being effective without wasting time, effort, or expense
  14. Ovibos consisting of the musk-ox
  15. officially in an authoritative role
  16. office-bearer the person who holds an office
  17. off-base located outside a military base
  18. overbusy too busy
  19. office place of business where professional duties are performed
  20. officiousness aggressiveness as evidenced by intruding