1. of course as might be expected
  2. discourse an extended communication dealing with some particular topic
  3. golf course course consisting of a large landscaped area for playing golf
  4. course a connected series of events or actions or developments
  5. accurse curse or declare to be evil or anathema or threaten with divine punishment
  6. recourse act of turning to for assistance
  7. workhorse a horse used for plowing and hauling and other heavy labor
  8. concourse a wide hallway in a building where people can walk
  9. overuse make use of too often or too extensively
  10. averse strongly opposed
  11. increase a process of becoming larger or longer or more numerous
  12. coarse rough to the touch
  13. vicarious experienced at secondhand
  14. efficacious giving the power to produce an intended result
  15. vigorous characterized by forceful and energetic action or activity
  16. oversee watch and direct
  17. watercourse a conduit through which water flows
  18. gregarious temperamentally seeking and enjoying the company of others
  19. off guard not prepared or vigilant
  20. affairs transactions of professional or public interest