1. occasions something you have to do
  2. eccyesis pregnancy resulting from gestation elsewhere than in the uterus
  3. Agassiz United States naturalist who studied fossil fish
  4. access the right to enter
  5. Actias luna moths
  6. y-axis the vertical axis in a plane coordinate system
  7. axis a straight line through a body or figure
  8. Axis in World War II the alliance of Germany and Italy in 1936 which later included Japan and other nations
  9. acariosis infestation with itch mites
  10. excess the state of being more than full
  11. excise remove by cutting
  12. excuse a defense of some offensive behavior
  13. accoucheuse a woman skilled in aiding the delivery of babies
  14. jocoseness the trait of merry joking
  15. akinesia motionlessness attributable to a temporary paralysis
  16. occasion an event that occurs at a critical time
  17. acariasis infestation with itch mites
  18. caseous of damaged or necrotic tissue; cheeselike
  19. akinesis motionlessness attributable to a temporary paralysis
  20. waxiness the quality of being made of wax or covered with wax

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