1. narcissism an exceptional interest in and admiration for yourself
  2. numerousness a large number
  3. numbers pool an illegal daily lottery
  4. narcissist someone who is excessively self-centered
  5. numerological of or relating to numerology
  6. number system any notation for the representation of numbers
  7. numerous amounting to a large indefinite number
  8. numerical of or relating to or denoting numerals
  9. numerologist a believer in numerology
  10. nitrous acid an unstable inorganic acid known only in solution and as nitrite salts
  11. numerosity a large number
  12. socialism a political theory advocating state ownership of industry
  13. commercial connected with or engaged in the exchange of goods
  14. nonsocial of plants and animals
  15. narcissistic having an inflated idea of one's own importance
  16. mercilessly without pity
  17. narcissus bulbous plant having erect linear leaves and showy yellow or white flowers either solitary or in clusters
  18. numbers racket an illegal daily lottery
  19. Juniperus silicicola juniper of swampy coastal regions of southeastern United States; similar to eastern red cedar
  20. numeral a symbol used to represent a quantity