1. numbers pool an illegal daily lottery
  2. head of household the head of a household or family or tribe
  3. numbers racket an illegal daily lottery
  4. nitrous acid an unstable inorganic acid known only in solution and as nitrite salts
  5. numerosity a large number
  6. number system any notation for the representation of numbers
  7. numerousness a large number
  8. household a social unit living together in a residence
  9. numerological of or relating to numerology
  10. numerous amounting to a large indefinite number
  11. scissors hold a wrestling hold in which you wrap your legs around the opponents body or head and put your feet together and squeeze
  12. numbers game an illegal daily lottery
  13. numerologist a believer in numerology
  14. throttlehold complete power over a person or situation
  15. humorously in a humorous manner
  16. numerology the study of the supposed occult influence of numbers on human affairs
  17. leasehold land or property held under a lease
  18. numerical value a real number regardless of its sign
  19. chlorous acid (HClO2) a strongly oxidizing acid; known only in solution
  20. Commerce Secretary the position of the head of the Department of Commerce

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