1. nonrestrictive not limiting the reference of a modified word or phrase
  2. nonprognosticative not offering prognostications
  3. productive capable of bringing forth, especially abundantly
  4. unproductive not producing or capable of producing
  5. nonproductive not directly productive
  6. seductive tending to entice into a desired action or state
  7. numbers racket an illegal daily lottery
  8. nonradioactive not radioactive
  9. prerogative a right reserved exclusively by a person or group
  10. unmedicative not having a medicinal effect or not medically prescribed
  11. unseductive not seductive
  12. reproductive producing new life or offspring
  13. reductive characterizing something in an overly simplistic way
  14. unrestrictive not tending to limit
  15. counterproductive tending to hinder the achievement of a goal
  16. predicative of adjectives
  17. semiconductive having characteristics of a semiconductor
  18. respective considered individually
  19. nonconductive not able to conduct heat or electricity or sound
  20. unprotective not affording protection