1. numerousness a large number
  2. numerosity a large number
  3. diverse distinctly dissimilar or unlike
  4. Authorized Version an English translation of the Bible published in 1611
  5. adverse in an opposing direction
  6. perverse deviating from what is considered moral or right or proper
  7. numerator the dividend of a fraction
  8. heroic verse a verse form suited to the treatment of heroic or elevated themes; dactylic hexameter or iambic pentameter
  9. numerous amounting to a large indefinite number
  10. diversity noticeable variety
  11. free verse poetry that does not rhyme or have a regular meter
  12. tour de force a masterly or brilliant feat
  13. morris dancer someone who does a morris dance
  14. morris dance any of various English folk dances performed by dancers in costume
  15. hors d'oeuvre a dish served as an appetizer before the main meal
  16. University of Paris a university in Paris; intellectual center of France
  17. Lafora's disease epilepsy characterized by clonus of muscle groups and progressive mental deterioration and genetic origin
  18. nervous disorder a disorder of the nervous system
  19. frost over become covered with a layer of ice
  20. transverse extending or lying across, in a crosswise direction

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