1. nuclear energy the energy released by a nuclear reaction
  2. solar energy energy from the sun that is converted into thermal or electrical energy
  3. nuclear power nuclear energy regarded as a source of electricity for the power grid (for civilian use)
  4. nuclear winter a long period of darkness and extreme cold that scientists predict would follow a full-scale nuclear war; a layer of dust and smoke in the atmosphere would cover the earth and block the rays of the sun; most living organisms would perish
  5. nuclear engineering the branch of engineering concerned with the design and construction and operation of nuclear reactors
  6. nuclear RNA ribonucleic acid found in the nucleolus of the cell
  7. nuclear rocket a rocket engine in which a nuclear reactor is used to heat a propellant
  8. clearing a treeless tract of land in the middle of a wooded area
  9. nuclear warhead the warhead of a missile designed to deliver an atom bomb
  10. nuclear family a family consisting of parents and their children and grandparents of a marital partner
  11. nuclear reactor (physics) any of several kinds of apparatus that maintain and control a nuclear reaction for the production of energy or artificial elements
  12. nucleus niger a layer of deeply pigmented grey matter in the midbrain
  13. nuclear cataract a cataract that affects the nucleus of the lens
  14. nuclear reaction (physics) a process that alters the energy or structure or composition of atomic nuclei
  15. mechanical energy energy in a mechanical form
  16. local area network a local computer network for communication between computers
  17. Nauclea diderrichii large African forest tree yielding a strong hard yellow to golden brown lumber; sometimes placed in genus Sarcocephalus
  18. nuclear fuel fuel (such as uranium) that can be used in nuclear reactors as a source of electricity
  19. unclearness incomprehensibility as a result of not being clear
  20. nuclear fusion a nuclear reaction in which nuclei combine to form more massive nuclei with the simultaneous release of energy