1. nonflowering plant plants having vascular tissue and reproducing by spores
  2. non-flowering plant a plant that does not bear flowers
  3. flowering plant plants having seeds in a closed ovary
  4. manufacturing plant a plant consisting of one or more buildings with facilities for manufacturing
  5. nonflowering without flower or bloom and not producing seeds
  6. flamingo plant commonly cultivated anthurium having bright scarlet spathe and spadix
  7. flowering almond deciduous Chinese shrub or small tree with often trilobed leaves grown for its pink-white flowers
  8. bottling plant a plant where beverages are put into bottles with caps
  9. monocarpic plant a plant that bears fruit once and dies
  10. nonvascular plant any of numerous plants of the division Bryophyta
  11. recycling plant a plant for reprocessing used or abandoned materials
  12. flowering glume the lower and stouter of the two glumes immediately enclosing the floret in most Gramineae
  13. flowering stone any plant of the genus Lithops native to Africa having solitary yellow or white flowers and thick leaves that resemble stones
  14. dwarf flowering almond small Chinese shrub with smooth unfurrowed dark red fruit grown especially for its red or pink or white flowers
  15. flowering fern any fern of the genus Osmunda: large ferns with creeping rhizomes; naked sporangia are on modified fronds that resemble flower clusters
  16. woodworking plane a carpenter's hand tool with an adjustable blade for smoothing or shaping wood
  17. flowering quince Asiatic ornamental shrub with spiny branches and pink or red blossoms
  18. penile implant an implant that creates an artificial erection
  19. flowering hazel any of several Asiatic deciduous shrubs cultivated for their nodding racemes of yellow flowers that appear before the leaves
  20. flowering onion European onion with white flowers