1. sweepstakes a lottery in which the prize consists of the money paid by the participants
  2. genus Polystichum small to medium-sized terrestrial ferns especially holly ferns; in some classification systems placed in Polypodiaceae
  3. genus Opisthocomus type genus of the Opisthocomidae: hoatzins
  4. genus Psittacus type genus of the Psittacidae: usually restricted to the African grey
  5. genus Psidium guavas
  6. genus Psittacula a genus of Psittacidae
  7. genus Hippeastrum bulbous flowering plants of tropical America
  8. genus Paspalum a genus of perennial grasses of warm regions
  9. stratagem an elaborate or deceitful scheme to deceive or evade
  10. newel post the post at the top or bottom of a flight of stairs
  11. spastic relating to involuntary muscular contractions
  12. postage the charge for mailing something
  13. genus Pseudechis venomous Australian blacksnakes
  14. in small stages one thing at a time
  15. genus Pistacia a dicotyledonous genus of trees of the family Anacardiaceae having drupaceous fruit
  16. Bayes' postulate (statistics) the difficulty of applying Bayes' theorem is that the probabilities of the different causes are seldom known, in which case it may be postulated that they are all equal (sometimes known as postulating the equidistribution of ignorance)
  17. upstage at or toward the rear of a platform for performers
  18. substance the real physical matter of which a person or thing consists
  19. genus Pastinaca a rosid dicot genus of the family Umbelliferae
  20. genus Pseudemys sliders; red-bellied terrapin