1. needle bearing bearings containing small metal balls
  2. talebearing prone to communicate confidential information
  3. nut-bearing (of shrubs or trees) producing nuts
  4. childbearing the parturition process in human beings
  5. ball bearing bearings containing small metal balls
  6. load-bearing capable of bearing a structural load
  7. needlepoint embroidery consisting of allover embroidered canvas resembling tapestry
  8. gold-bearing containing gold
  9. oil-bearing containing oil
  10. nonbearing supporting no vertical weight other than its own
  11. cattle breeding breeding cattle
  12. neighboring having a common boundary or edge; abutting; touching
  13. needlework work that is done with a needle
  14. newspapering journalism practiced for the newspapers
  15. nitrogen-bearing of or relating to or containing nitrogen
  16. mind-altering producing mood changes or distorted perception
  17. endearing lovable especially in a childlike or naive way
  18. despairing arising from or marked by despair or loss of hope
  19. natural spring a natural flow of ground water
  20. disappearing the act of leaving secretly or without explanation