1. naive marked by or showing unaffected simplicity
  2. nephew a son of your brother or sister
  3. new not of long duration
  4. nave the central area of a church
  5. New used of a living language
  6. knave a deceitful and unreliable scoundrel
  7. gnaw bite or chew on with the teeth
  8. know-how the (technical) knowledge and skill required to do something
  9. now at the present moment
  10. navy an organization of military vessels belonging to a country and available for sea warfare
  11. navvy a laborer who is obliged to do menial work
  12. naif an inexperienced or foolishly innocent person
  13. kniphofia a plant of the genus Kniphofia having long grasslike leaves and tall scapes of red or yellow drooping flowers
  14. neve the upper part of a glacier where the snow turns to ice
  15. know be cognizant or aware of a fact or a piece of information
  16. Navy the navy of the United States of America
  17. knife edge tool used as a cutting instrument
  18. nova a star that ejects some of its material in the form of a cloud and become more luminous in the process
  19. niffy (British informal) malodorous
  20. naphtha a volatile, flammable liquid made of hydrocarbons

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