1. knee piece armor plate that protects the knee
  2. noblesse the state of being of noble birth
  3. menopause the time in a woman's life in which the menstrual cycle ends
  4. passe out of fashion
  5. Nepalese of or pertaining to or characteristic of Nepal or its people or language or culture
  6. on base on first or second or third base
  7. Donbass an industrial region in the Ukraine
  8. encompass include in scope
  9. synapse the junction between two neurons
  10. base lowest support of a structure
  11. posse a temporary police force
  12. compassion a deep awareness of and sympathy for another's suffering
  13. impasse a situation in which no progress can be made
  14. bypass avoid something
  15. pass go across or through
  16. pause cease an action temporarily
  17. sea bass any of various food and sport fishes of the Atlantic coast of the United States having an elongated body and long spiny dorsal fin
  18. lipase an enzyme secreted in the digestive tract that catalyzes the breakdown of fats into individual fatty acids that can be absorbed into the bloodstream
  19. gynobase the enlarged receptacle in which the pistil is borne
  20. sea puss the seaward undercurrent created after waves have broken on the shore