1. myrtle bird similar to Audubon's warbler
  2. myrtle beech large evergreen tree of Tasmania
  3. Myrtillocactus small genus of arborescent cacti of Mexico and Central America
  4. mortality rate the ratio of deaths in an area to the population of that area; expressed per 1000 per year
  5. marital status the condition of being married or unmarried
  6. myrtle spurge poisonous Old World spurge
  7. fertile period the time in the menstrual cycle when fertilization is most likely to be possible (7 days before to 7 days after ovulation)
  8. early bird a person who gets up very early in the morning
  9. marital bed the relationship between wife and husband
  10. Mount Elbert the highest peak in the Rocky Mountains in central Colorado
  11. myrtle warbler similar to Audubon's warbler
  12. Mandelbrot French mathematician noted for inventing fractals
  13. Parathelypteris terrestrial ferns of warm and tropical Asia and North America
  14. riflebird velvety black Australian bird of paradise with green and purple iridescence on head and tail
  15. reedbird migratory American songbird
  16. redbird crested thick-billed North American finch having bright red plumage in the male
  17. Myrtales Myrtaceae
  18. whortleberry erect European blueberry having solitary flowers and blue-black berries
  19. particle board wallboard composed of wood chips or shavings bonded together with resin and compressed into rigid sheets
  20. Bartholomew Roberts a Welsh pirate credited with having taken more than 400 ships (1682-1722)