1. musk mallow bushy herb of tropical Asia grown for its yellow or pink to scarlet blooms that resemble the hibiscus
  2. muskmelon any of several varieties of vine whose fruit has a netted rind and edible flesh and a musky smell
  3. musculus one of the contractile organs of the body
  4. squamulose covered with tiny scales
  5. musicalness the property of sounding like music
  6. musicality the property of sounding like music
  7. callous emotionally hardened
  8. musicology the scholarly and scientific study of music
  9. musical mode any of various fixed orders of the various diatonic notes within an octave
  10. maximally to a maximal degree
  11. marshmallow spongy confection made of gelatin and sugar
  12. muscadelle wine from muscat grapes
  13. musk rose rose native to Mediterranean region having curved or climbing branches and loose clusters of musky-scented flowers
  14. muskiness having the olfactory properties of musk
  15. marsh mallow European perennial plant naturalized in United States having triangular ovate leaves and lilac-pink flowers
  16. musk ox large shaggy-coated bovid mammal of Canada and Greenland
  17. genus Camelus type genus of the Camelidae: camels
  18. muscular having a robust body-build
  19. rose mallow showy shrub of salt marshes of the eastern United States having large rose-colored flowers
  20. musical soiree a soiree assembled for the purpose of listening to music