1. make relaxed cause to feel relaxed
  2. moralist a philosopher who specializes in ideas of right and wrong
  3. unreleased not made available for distribution or publication
  4. every last (used as intensive) every
  5. materialist someone with great regard for material possessions
  6. muralist a painter of murals
  7. free list a list of commodities that are not subject to tariffs
  8. naive realism (philosophy) the philosophical doctrine that physical objects continue to exist when not perceived
  9. microgliacyte a cell of the microglia that may become phagocytic and collect waste products of nerve tissue
  10. generalised not biologically differentiated or adapted to a specific function or environment
  11. several-seeded having many seeds
  12. measureless without limits in extent or size or quantity
  13. wireless medium for communication
  14. move around pass to the other side of
  15. sterilised made infertile
  16. move reflexively move in an uncontrolled manner
  17. verbalised communicated in words
  18. severalise distinguish or separate
  19. foreland a natural elevation
  20. materialistic marked by a desire for wealth and possessions