1. mountain tea creeping shrub of eastern North America having white bell-shaped flowers followed by spicy red berrylike fruit and shiny aromatic leaves that yield wintergreen oil
  2. mountain heath small shrub with tiny evergreen leaves and pink or purple flowers; Alpine summits and high ground in Asia and Europe and United States
  3. maintained kept in good condition
  4. mountaineer someone who climbs mountains
  5. mundanity the quality of being commonplace and ordinary
  6. mountain goat sure-footed mammal of mountainous northwestern North America
  7. Mountain Time standard time in the 7th time zone west of Greenwich, reckoned at the 105th meridian west; used in the mountain states of the United States
  8. mountainside the side or slope of a mountain
  9. fountainhead the source of water from which a stream arises
  10. mountain ash any of various trees of the genus Sorbus
  11. mountain oak tall timber tree with hard heavy pinkish or light brown wood
  12. mountainous containing many mountains
  13. mountain tent a lightweight tent with a floor; flaps close with a zipper
  14. mountain a land mass that projects well above its surroundings
  15. mountain daisy boreal or alpine sandwort
  16. mountain peak the summit of a mountain
  17. mountain trail a trail through mountainous country
  18. maintainer someone who upholds or maintains
  19. Mount Etna an inactive volcano in Sicily
  20. contained gotten under control

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