1. mountain laurel a North American evergreen shrub having glossy leaves and white or rose-colored flowers
  2. mountain lily Japanese lily with golden rays
  3. mountain gorilla gorilla of Kivu highlands
  4. mountain trail a trail through mountainous country
  5. mountain rice valuable forage grass of dry upland areas and plains of western North America to northern Mexico
  6. mountain rose European alpine rose with crimson flowers
  7. mountain avens creeping evergreen shrub with large white flowers
  8. mountain watercress mat-forming perennial found in cold springs of the eastern United States
  9. mountain clematis climber of northeastern North America having waxy purplish-blue flowers
  10. mountain clubmoss of northern Europe and America; resembling a miniature fir
  11. mountain azalea creeping mat-forming evergreen shrub of high mountain regions of northern hemisphere grown for its rose-pink flowers
  12. mountain alder small shrubby maple of eastern North America
  13. mountain maple small shrubby maple of eastern North America
  14. mountain quail California partridge
  15. mountain range a series of hills or mountains
  16. mountain pass the location in a range of mountains of a geological formation that is lower than the surrounding peaks
  17. Mendenhall Glacier a glacier of the Piedmont type near Juneau in Alaska
  18. mountainous containing many mountains
  19. mountain sickness nausea and shortness of breath experienced by mountain climbers above ten thousand feet
  20. mountain four o'clock leafy wildflower with lavender-pink flowers that open in the evening and remain through cool part of the next day; found in open woods or brush in mountains of southern Colorado to Arizona and into Mexico

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