1. motor inn a hotel for motorists
  2. Motrin a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory and analgesic medicine (trade names Advil and Motrin and Nuprin) used to relieve the pain of arthritis and as an antipyretic
  3. modern ahead of the times
  4. motoring the act of driving an automobile
  5. mother hen a person who cares for the needs of others
  6. Modern used of a living language
  7. moderne of or relating to a popularization of art deco that used bright colors and rectangular shapes
  8. motorman the operator of streetcar
  9. motorize equip with a motor
  10. motorial of nerves and nerve impulses
  11. motorise equip with armed and armored motor vehicles
  12. motor horn a device on an automobile for making a warning noise
  13. Potoroinae rat kangaroos
  14. moraine accumulated earth and stones deposited by a glacier
  15. modernity the quality of being current or of the present
  16. motor oil oil used to lubricate the moving parts of a motor
  17. motorway a broad highway designed for high-speed traffic
  18. motor machine that creates mechanical energy and imparts movement
  19. motoneuron a neuron conducting impulses outwards from the brain or spinal cord
  20. muttering a low continuous indistinct sound