1. motive power the power or ability to move
  2. motivator a positive motivational influence
  3. native pear tree bearing pear-shaped fruit with a thick woody epicarp
  4. motor fiber a nerve fiber that carries impulses toward the muscles or glands
  5. motivation psychological feature arousing action toward a desired goal
  6. native bear sluggish tailless Australian arboreal marsupial with grey furry ears and coat; feeds on eucalyptus leaves and bark
  7. pit viper New World vipers with hollow fangs and a heat-sensitive pit on each side of the head
  8. modifiable capable of being modified in form or character or strength
  9. motive the reason that arouses action toward a desired goal
  10. motivate give an incentive for action
  11. motor mower a lawn mower powered by a gasoline motor
  12. motif a recurrent element in a literary or artistic work
  13. waterpower the power to do work that is latent in a head of water
  14. motivated given incentive for action
  15. maid of honor an unmarried woman who attends the bride at a wedding
  16. might-have-been an event that could have occurred but never did
  17. native-born belonging to a place by birth
  18. motivative impelling to action
  19. stock power a power of attorney document to transfer ownership of a registered security from the owner to another party
  20. manpower the force of workers available