1. moral philosophy the philosophical study of moral values and rules
  2. natural philosophy the science of matter and energy and their interactions
  3. legal philosophy the branch of philosophy concerned with the law and the principles that lead courts to make the decisions they do
  4. philosophy the rational investigation of existence and knowledge
  5. Doctor of Philosophy a doctorate awarded for original contributions to knowledge
  6. Ralph Ellison United States novelist who wrote about a young Black man and his struggles in American society (1914-1994)
  7. moral force an efficient incentive
  8. empiricist philosophy the doctrine that knowledge derives from experience
  9. muzzle velocity the velocity of a projectile as it leaves the muzzle of a gun
  10. morosoph a learned fool
  11. Malvales Malvaceae
  12. mitral valve valve with two cusps
  13. mellifluous pleasing to the ear
  14. oral phase the first sexual and social stage of an infant's development
  15. moralise speak as if delivering a sermon; express moral judgements
  16. moralism a moral maxim
  17. moralist a philosopher who specializes in ideas of right and wrong
  18. morale builder something or someone who influences by building or strengthening morale
  19. myrmecophilous living symbiotically with ants
  20. femoral pulse pulse of the femoral artery (felt in the groin)

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