1. paradigm a standard or typical example
  2. moratorium suspension of an ongoing activity
  3. moralism a moral maxim
  4. mordacious biting or given to biting
  5. mortician one whose business is the management of funerals
  6. mordacity a disposition to biting
  7. mortise a square hole made to receive a tenon and so to form a joint
  8. Mount Asama a volcano in central Honshu near Nagano
  9. Corticium genus of fungi having simple smooth sporophores
  10. Mazdaism system of religion founded in Persia in the 6th century BC by Zoroaster; set forth in the Zend-Avesta; based on concept of struggle between light (good) and dark (evil)
  11. magnetism attraction for iron
  12. Marie Tussaud French modeler (resident in England after 1802) who made wax death masks of prominent victims of the French Revolution and toured Britain with her wax models; in 1835 she opened a permanent waxworks exhibition in London (1761-1850)
  13. fortissimo a direction in music; to be played very loudly
  14. moral concerned with principles of right and wrong
  15. mordaciously in a mordacious manner
  16. rheumatism any painful disorder of the joints or muscles
  17. Montezuma evergreen tree with large leathery leaves and large pink to orange flowers; considered a link plant between families Bombacaceae and Sterculiaceae
  18. amoralism the doctrine that moral distinctions are invalid
  19. Methodism the religious beliefs and practices of Methodists characterized by concern with social welfare and public morals
  20. mortice a square hole made to receive a tenon and so to form a joint