1. monetary fund a reserve of money set aside for some purpose
  2. monetary unit a unit of money
  3. profound situated at or extending to great depth
  4. monetary value the property of having material worth
  5. monetary relating to or involving money
  6. monetarist an advocate of the theory that economic fluctuations are caused by increases or decreases in the supply of money
  7. contrived showing effects of planning or manipulation
  8. manservant a man servant
  9. mutual fund the pooled money that is invested in assets
  10. monitoring the act of observing something
  11. Thai monetary unit monetary unit in Thailand
  12. Monterey pine tall California pine with long needles in bunches of 3, a dense crown, and dark brown deeply fissured bark
  13. countryfied characteristic of rural life
  14. contravene go against, as of rules and laws
  15. monetary system anything that is generally accepted as a standard of value and a measure of wealth in a particular country or region
  16. monetary standard the value behind the money in a monetary system
  17. intervene be placed or located between other things
  18. counterfeit not genuine; imitating something superior
  19. countrified characteristic of rural life
  20. contrivance the faculty of inventive skill