1. monetary resource assets in the form of money
  2. monetary value the property of having material worth
  3. intertribal between or among tribes
  4. consumer durables consumer goods that are not destroyed by use
  5. military police a military corps that enforces discipline and guards prisoners
  6. metropolis a large and densely populated urban area
  7. military drill training in marching and the use of weapons
  8. Canterbury Tales an uncompleted series of tales written after 1387 by Geoffrey Chaucer
  9. notary public someone legally empowered to witness signatures and certify a document's validity and to take depositions
  10. nonterritorial not displaying territoriality
  11. genus Tribulus annual or perennial herbs or subshrubs of warm regions
  12. order Rubiales an order of dicotyledonous plants of the subclass Asteridae
  13. sanitary towel a disposable absorbent pad ; worn to absorb menstrual flow
  14. line-drive triple a triple resulting from a line drive
  15. monestrous having one estrous cycle per year
  16. undestroyable not capable of being destroyed
  17. military training training soldiers in military procedures
  18. Monotropa hypopithys fleshy tawny or reddish saprophytic herb resembling the Indian pipe and growing in woodland humus of eastern North America; in some classifications placed in a separate genus Hypopitys
  19. meteortropism an effect of climate on biological processes
  20. monetary standard the value behind the money in a monetary system

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