Mist is a very dense water vapor, almost as thick as fog. Light rain can sometimes form a mist that makes it hard to see the road when you're driving.

The mist you see in the air on a damp spring morning is similar to the mist you spray when you water your plants — it's made up of tiny water droplets. As a verb, mist means "to cover with mist," so you might mist your dry plants or watch your windows mist up in the rain. Mist can also refer to a general dimness or cloudiness: "She watched through the mist of her tears."

Definitions of mist

n a thin fog with condensation near the ground

Type of:
droplets of water vapor suspended in the air near the ground

v become covered with mist

“The windshield misted over”
mist over
Type of:
cover, spread over
form a cover over

v spray finely or cover with mist

Type of:
scatter in a mass or jet of droplets

v make less visible or unclear

becloud, befog, cloud, fog, haze over, obnubilate, obscure
cast a shadow upon
eclipse, occult
cause an eclipse of (a celestial body) by intervention
Type of:
conceal, hide
prevent from being seen or discovered

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