1. misappropriated taken for your own use in violation of a trust
  2. mistreated subjected to cruel treatment
  3. misinterpret construe wrongly
  4. interpreted understood in a certain way; made sense of
  5. introverted shy, reserved, or inward looking
  6. distributed spread out or scattered about or divided up
  7. extroverted at ease in talking to others
  8. interpret make sense of; assign a meaning to
  9. misinterpretation the act of incorrectly understanding something
  10. extraverted being concerned with the social and physical environment
  11. misappropriate take possession of fraudulently for one's own use
  12. interpreter someone who mediates between speakers of different languages
  13. masterwort any plant of the genus Astrantia
  14. distorted so badly formed or out of shape as to be ugly
  15. obstreperous noisily and stubbornly defiant
  16. entrepreneur someone who organizes a business venture
  17. moss-trooper a marauder and plunderer
  18. incorporated formed or united into a whole
  19. mistreat treat badly
  20. master bedroom the principal bedroom in a house