1. hyperbole extravagant exaggeration
  2. member bank a bank that is a member of the Federal Reserve System
  3. pumpernickel bread made of coarse rye flour
  4. temperamental subject to sharply varying moods
  5. simperingly with a lack of courage and determination
  6. perpendicular intersecting at or forming right angles
  7. interbank loan a loan from one bank to another
  8. temperance the trait of avoiding excesses
  9. temperamentally by temperament
  10. membrane a sheet of tissue that lines or connects organs or cells
  11. comparable able to be described as similar
  12. membranophone a musical percussion instrument
  13. Emperor Napoleon III nephew of Napoleon I and emperor of the French from 1852 to 1871 (1808-1873)
  14. improbable having a chance of occurring too low to inspire belief
  15. membrane bone any bone that develops within membranous tissue without previous cartilage formation; e.g. the clavicle and bones of the skull
  16. temperament your usual mood
  17. memberless of a group or set having no members
  18. emperor penguin the largest penguin; an Antarctic penguin
  19. membership the state of being one of the persons in a social group
  20. comparable with similar in some respect and so able to be compared in order to show differences and similarities

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