1. member anything that belongs to a set or class
  2. membered having members
  3. remember recall knowledge; have a recollection
  4. somber grave or even gloomy in character
  5. ember a hot, smoldering fragment of wood left from a fire
  6. memoir an account of the author's personal experiences
  7. memory the cognitive process whereby past experience is remembered
  8. temper a characteristic state of feeling
  9. mumbler a person who speaks softly and indistinctly
  10. timber the wood of trees prepared for use as building material
  11. limber easily bent
  12. membrane a sheet of tissue that lines or connects organs or cells
  13. amber a hard yellowish to brownish translucent fossil resin
  14. tempera pigment mixed with water-soluble glutinous materials such as size and egg yolk
  15. mummery meaningless ceremonies and flattery
  16. camber a slight convexity (as of the surface of a road)
  17. membership the state of being one of the persons in a social group
  18. mummer an actor who communicates entirely by gesture and facial expression
  19. bomber a military aircraft that drops bombs during flight
  20. Mumbai a city in western India just off the coast of the Arabian Sea; India's 2nd largest city (after Calcutta); has the only natural deep-water harbor in western India