1. reclassification classifying something again (usually in a new category)
  2. fibrocalcific involving or resulting from calcification of fibrous tissue
  3. cross-classification classification according to more than one attribute at the same time
  4. classification the basic cognitive process of arranging into categories
  5. locus classicus an authoritative and often-quoted passage
  6. declassification reduction or removal by the government of restrictions on a classified document or weapon
  7. reclusiveness a disposition to prefer seclusion or isolation
  8. Myotis leucifugus the small common North American bat; widely distributed
  9. miraculous food food that God gave the Israelites during the Exodus
  10. prolificacy the property of producing abundantly and sustaining vigorous and luxuriant growth
  11. Dewey decimal classification a system used by libraries to classify nonfictional publications into subject categories; the subject is indicated by a three-digit numeral and further specification is given by numerals following a decimal point; publications are shelved by number
  12. reclassify classify anew, change the previous classification
  13. neoclassical relating to a revival of ancient Greek and Roman styles
  14. Klaus Fuchs British physicist who was born in Germany and fled Nazi persecution; in the 1940s he passed secret information to the USSR about the development of the atom bomb in the United States (1911-1988)
  15. Hemerocallis flava a day lily with yellow flowers
  16. lower class the social class lowest in the social hierarchy
  17. Lower California a mountainous peninsula on northwest Mexico
  18. macroglossia a congenital disorder characterized by an abnormally large tongue; often seen in cases of Down's syndrome
  19. lowerclassman an undergraduate who is not yet a senior
  20. classics study of the literary works of ancient Greece and Rome