1. materialise come into being; become reality
  2. motherless having no living or known mother
  3. motorless having no motor
  4. materialize come into being; become reality
  5. measureless without limits in extent or size or quantity
  6. time-release of or relating to a preparation that gradually releases an active substance (especially a drug) over a period of time
  7. tireless characterized by sustained hard work and perseverance
  8. featureless lacking distinguishing characteristics or features
  9. federalise unite on a federal basis or band together as a league
  10. madrilene a tomato-flavored consomme; often served chilled
  11. materialism a desire for wealth and possessions
  12. more or less (of quantities) imprecise but fairly close to correct
  13. rudderless aimlessly drifting
  14. demoralise lower someone's spirits; make downhearted
  15. materialist someone with great regard for material possessions
  16. neutralise make ineffective by counterbalancing the effect of
  17. memorialise be or provide a memorial to a person or an event
  18. meteorology the earth science dealing with phenomena of the atmosphere
  19. featherless having no feathers
  20. federalize unite on a federal basis or band together as a league