1. mesalliance a marriage with a person of inferior social status
  2. misalliance an unsuitable alliance (especially with regard to marriage)
  3. miscellaneous having many aspects
  4. resilience ability of a material to return to its original shape
  5. family Solanaceae large and economically important family of herbs or shrubs or trees often strongly scented and sometimes narcotic or poisonous; includes the genera Solanum, Atropa, Brugmansia, Capsicum, Datura, Hyoscyamus, Lycopersicon, Nicotiana, Petunia, Physalis, and Solandra
  6. meal plan a plan and a room rate for providing a room and meals to guests at a hotel
  7. moral excellence the quality of doing what is right and avoiding what is wrong
  8. mental balance the healthy psychological state of someone with good judgment
  9. Alicia Alonso Cuban dancer and choreographer (born in 1921)
  10. excellence possessing good qualities in high degree
  11. malignance a state characterized by progressive and uncontrolled growth
  12. insolence the trait of being rude and impertinent
  13. allowance the act of permitting
  14. wall of silence the secrecy of police officers who lie or look the other way to protect other police officers
  15. family Salviniaceae water ferns
  16. Ellis Island an island in New York Bay that was formerly the principal immigration station for the United States
  17. family Aspleniaceae one of a number of families into which Polypodiaceae has been subdivided in some classification systems; includes genera Asplenium, Pleurosorus, Schaffneria
  18. family Allioniaceae a family of flowering plants of the order Caryophyllales
  19. resiliency ability of a material to return to its original shape
  20. sallowness a sickly yellowish skin color