1. mate a person's partner in marriage
  2. matte not reflecting light; not glossy
  3. matey having the relationship of friends or pals
  4. mute expressed without speech
  5. mote a tiny piece of anything
  6. made produced by a manufacturing process
  7. mete a line that indicates a boundary
  8. math a science (or group of related sciences) dealing with the logic of quantity and shape and arrangement
  9. mite small arachnid infesting animals or plants or stored foods
  10. matt not reflecting light; not glossy
  11. mat a small pad of material that is used to protect a surface
  12. matai conifer of Australia and New Zealand
  13. mayweed widespread rank-smelling weed having white-rayed flower heads with yellow discs
  14. MAT a master's degree in teaching
  15. moat ditch dug as a fortification and usually filled with water
  16. mad roused to anger
  17. meat the flesh of animals used as food
  18. mature having reached full natural growth or development
  19. maid a female domestic
  20. Mayday an internationally recognized distress signal via radiotelephone (from the French m'aider)