1. match play golf scoring by holes won
  2. match plane a plane having cutters designed to make the tongues and grooves on the edges of matchboards
  3. matchless eminent beyond or above comparison
  4. matchbox a box for holding matches
  5. watch glass a protective cover that protects the face of a watch
  6. metabolous undergoing metamorphosis
  7. motionless completely still
  8. mushy peas marrowfat peas that have been soaked overnight and then boiled; served with fish and chips
  9. washables garments or white goods that can be cleaned by laundering
  10. misplace put (something) where one cannot find it again
  11. marbles a children's game played with little balls made of a hard substance (as glass)
  12. Chablis a town in north central France noted for white Burgundy wines
  13. match point the final point needed to win a match
  14. matchboard a board that has a groove cut into one edge and a tongue cut into the other so they fit tightly together (as in a floor)
  15. Minneapolis largest city in Minnesota
  16. metabolise produce by metabolism
  17. metabolize produce by the organic processes necessary for life
  18. matchlock an early style of musket
  19. marbleise make something look like marble
  20. shapeless having no definite form or distinct shape

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