1. master of ceremonies a person who acts as host at formal occasions
  2. Master of Science a master's degree in science
  3. Master of Arts a master's degree in arts and sciences
  4. military ceremony a formal ceremony performed by military personnel
  5. master sergeant a senior noncommissioned officer in the Army or Marines
  6. master-at-arms the senior petty officer
  7. Master of Library Science a master's degree in library science
  8. Master of Fine Arts a master's degree in fine arts
  9. Master of Education a master's degree in education
  10. Master of Divinity a master's degree in religion
  11. Mastotermes primitive genus of termites
  12. marriage ceremony the act of marrying; the nuptial ceremony
  13. steroid hormone any hormone affecting the development and growth of sex organs
  14. Mastotermes darwiniensis Australian termite
  15. Master of Laws an advanced law degree
  16. Master in Business a master's degree in business
  17. master bedroom the principal bedroom in a house
  18. Letter of Jeremiah an Apocryphal book consisting of a letter ascribed to Jeremiah to the Jews in exile in Babylon warning them against idolatry
  19. Master of Theology a master's degree in theology
  20. minister of finance the minister responsible for state finances

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