1. martial law military rule over civilian affairs
  2. martial art any of several East Asian arts of weaponless self-defense
  3. Marshals the United States' oldest federal law enforcement agency is responsible today for protecting the Federal Judiciary and transporting federal prisoners and protecting federal witnesses and managing assets seized from criminals and generally ensuring the effective operation of the federal judicial system
  4. martially in a martial manner
  5. martial suggesting war or military life
  6. martial music brisk marching music suitable for troops marching in a military parade
  7. partialness the state of being only a part; not total; incomplete
  8. Marshall Islands a republic on the Marshall Islands
  9. commercial law the body of rules applied to commercial transactions
  10. Marshal Saxe a French marshal who distinguished himself in the War of the Austrian Succession (1696-1750)
  11. Martial Roman poet noted for epigrams (first century BC)
  12. Marshall Plan a United States program of economic aid for the reconstruction of Europe (1948-1952); named after George Marshall
  13. marshmallow spongy confection made of gelatin and sugar
  14. marshall (in some countries) a military officer of highest rank
  15. Morchellaceae a family of edible fungi including the true morels
  16. Marchantiales liverworts with gametophyte differentiated internally
  17. Marattiales lower ferns coextensive with the family Marattiaceae
  18. Marshall United States actor (1914-1998)
  19. partial eclipse an eclipse in which the eclipsed body is only partially obscured
  20. marshal a military officer of highest rank