1. maintainer someone who upholds or maintains
  2. mountaineer someone who climbs mountains
  3. mantiger a mythical monster having the head of man (with horns) and the body of a lion and the tail of a scorpion
  4. Mantinea the site of three famous battles among Greek city-states: in 418 BC and 362 BC and 207 BC
  5. Montenegro a former country bordering on the Adriatic Sea
  6. man-eater large aggressive shark widespread in warm seas
  7. mentioner a speaker who refers to something briefly or incidentally
  8. moistener a device that dampens or moistens something
  9. Maintenon French consort of Louis XIV who secretly married the king after the death of his first wife (1635-1719)
  10. Mantineia the site of three famous battles among Greek city-states: in 418 BC and 362 BC and 207 BC
  11. Munchener a dark lager produced in Munich since the 10th century
  12. Mantegna Italian painter and engraver noted for his frescoes
  13. Monterey a town in western California to the south of San Francisco on a peninsula at the southern end of Monterey Bay
  14. centner a unit of weight equal to 100 kilograms
  15. Ventner United States geneticist who published the complete base sequences for all the genes of a free-living organism, the influenza bacterium; later led team that developed a first draft of the entire human genome (born in 1946)
  16. vintner someone who sells wine
  17. Meitner Swedish physicist (born in Austria) who worked in the field of radiochemistry with Otto Hahn and formulated the concept of nuclear fission with Otto Frisch (1878-1968)
  18. minter a skilled worker who coins or stamps money
  19. maintained kept in good condition
  20. marathoner someone who participates in long-distance races

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