1. Mountain State a state in east central United States
  2. mountain starwort boreal or alpine sandwort
  3. man in the street a hypothetical average man
  4. indian mustard Asiatic mustard used as a potherb
  5. Indian mustard leaves eaten as cooked greens
  6. mountain sandwort boreal or alpine sandwort
  7. running start a racing start in which the contestants are already in full motion when they pass the starting line
  8. mountain tent a lightweight tent with a floor; flaps close with a zipper
  9. maintenance activity involved in keeping something in good working order
  10. garment industry makers and sellers of fashionable clothing
  11. mountain trail a trail through mountainous country
  12. mountain zebra narrow-striped nearly extinct zebra of southern Africa
  13. maintained kept in good condition
  14. banded stilt web-footed Australian stilt with reddish-brown pectoral markings
  15. dead-end street a street with only one way in or out
  16. maintainer someone who upholds or maintains
  17. maintenance staff those in a business responsible for maintaining the physical plant
  18. Mentha citrata mint with leaves having perfume like that of the bergamot orange
  19. contentious showing an inclination to disagree
  20. mountainside the side or slope of a mountain