1. misapprehension an understanding of something that is not correct
  2. mispronounce utter a word incorrectly
  3. isopropanol alcohol used as antifreeze or a solvent
  4. James Parkinson English surgeon (1755-1824)
  5. Haber process an industrial process for producing ammonia from nitrogen and hydrogen by combining them under high pressure in the presence of an iron catalyst
  6. Anthus pratensis a common pipit that is brown above and white below
  7. propensity a natural inclination
  8. Lathyrus pratensis scrambling perennial Eurasian wild pea having yellowish flowers and compressed seed pods; cultivated for forage
  9. misappropriate take possession of fraudulently for one's own use
  10. misappropriation the fraudulent appropriation of funds or property entrusted to your care but actually owned by someone else
  11. mispronunciation incorrect pronunciation
  12. Mellivora capensis nocturnal badger-like carnivore of wooded regions of Africa and southern Asia
  13. Serpens a constellation in the equatorial region of the northern hemisphere near Ophiuchus and Corona Borealis
  14. misshapenness an affliction in which some part of the body is misshapen or malformed
  15. misappropriated taken for your own use in violation of a trust
  16. mass-produced made in quantity and often by assembly-line techniques
  17. Homarus capensis small lobster of southern Africa
  18. misapprehend interpret in the wrong way
  19. Peloponnesus the southern peninsula of Greece
  20. mass-produce produce on a large scale

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