1. machine a mechanical or electrical device that transmits energy
  2. mackinaw a heavy woolen cloth heavily napped and felted, often with a plaid design
  3. mucuna any of several erect or climbing woody plants of the genus Mucuna; widespread in tropics of both hemispheres
  4. Makin battles in World War II in the Pacific
  5. Mikania large genus of evergreen lianas of tropical America
  6. maconnais fine Burgundy wine usually white and dry
  7. macon fine Burgundy wine usually white and dry
  8. May queen the girl chosen queen of a May Day festival
  9. Macoun similar to McIntosh; juicy and late-ripening
  10. Macon a city in central Georgia to the southeast of Atlanta
  11. sanguine confidently optimistic and cheerful
  12. marina a fancy dock for small yachts and cabin cruisers
  13. Meccano a child's construction set for making mechanical models
  14. making the act that results in something coming to be
  15. mannequin a life-size dummy used to display clothes
  16. Maquis a guerrilla fighter in the French underground in World War II
  17. Damkina earth goddess; consort of Ea and mother of Marduk
  18. machinate arrange by systematic planning and united effort
  19. Mephaquine an antimalarial drug (trade name Larium and Mephaquine) that is effective in cases that do not respond to chloroquine; said to produce harmful neuropsychiatric effects on some people
  20. equine relating to or resembling a horse