1. luggage van a railway car where passengers' bags are carried
  2. cacophony loud confusing disagreeable sounds
  3. luggage rack carrier for holding luggage above the seats of a train or on top of a car
  4. luggage cases used to carry belongings when traveling
  5. baggageman an attendant who takes care of baggage
  6. Lake Geneva a lake between southwestern Switzerland and France that is crossed from east to west by the Rhone
  7. coq au vin chicken and onions and mushrooms braised in red wine and seasonings
  8. log cabin a cabin built with logs
  9. Lake Chelan a narrow very deep lake in central Washington in the Cascade Range
  10. lagerphone an Australian percussion instrument used for playing bush music; a long stick with bottle caps nailed loosely to it; played by hitting it with a stick or banging it on the ground
  11. luggage carrier carrier (as behind a bicycle seat) for luggage
  12. beluga caviar roe of beluga sturgeon usually from Russia; highly valued
  13. Lake Kivu a lake in the mountains of central Africa between Congo and Rwanda
  14. caravan a procession traveling together in single file
  15. Genevan a native or resident of Geneva
  16. leg covering a garment covering the leg
  17. collagen a fibrous protein found in bone and connective tissue
  18. longevity the property of having lived for a considerable time
  19. glucagon a hormone secreted by the pancreas
  20. logogram a symbol that represents a whole word or phrase